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Oils and lubricants for motorcycles, jet skis and snowmobiles - Mototic


Oils, lubricants & nbsp; and brake fluids & nbsp; for motorcycles, jet skis and snowmobiles.

We work with well-known brands such as Repsol, Motul, Liqui Moly and others.

In our online motorcycle store you can buy motor oils mineral , synthetic and semi-synthetic for scooter, off-road and street, and jet skis and snow & nbsp; (small jugs for private use and cans for workshops).

We offer you a wide range of lubricants for 4T and 2T engines and different packs of motor oil drums in which they can also include: brake cleaners, motor cleaners, anti-friction products .... These packs are aimed at workshops as they are 205 liter drums.

If the brake fluid in your motorcycle is between 2 and 4 years old, it is time to change it for a new one as they end up losing its effectiveness over time. You can do it at home yourself, the key is that during the process no air enters the circuit.

The heat given off by the pads and brakes is transmitted directly to the brake fluid without losing its effectiveness. Depending on the DOT we use, the boiling point will be lower. On our website you can buy motorcycle brake fluids & nbsp; DOT4 and DOT 5.1 .
The DOT4 which is the one that most motorcycles carry, especially if they have brakes With ABS, they have a boiling point of 230 degrees. The DOT 5.1 , goes up to 260 degrees.

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€27.40€28.11Regular price-2.53% offPrice
€27.40€28.11Regular price-2.53% offPrice
SHOWA Fork oil A1500 1 L 20100066
      €27.40€28.11Regular price-2.53% offPrice
      SHOWA Fork oil A1500 1 L 20100066
          €27.40€28.11Regular price-2.53% offPrice