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Buy everything related to itmotorcycle electrical system through our online store:COILSPolini cylinder kit
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The Polini cylinder kit consisting of piston and cylinder is suitable for those who need to replace the original unit due to damage or for those who simply require more performance from their engine. The Polini group with excellent compression is very reliable and durable compared to the original. Each kit is designed according to precise specifications so that all parts work together at their best. Precision, technique and care in processing make Polini thermal groups the best on the market. Available with steel (cast iron) or aluminum cylinder which varies according to the model.
Cylinder material: Aluminum
Bore: 68,5
Stroke: 60
Displacement: 221
RPM: -
HP: -
Compression ratio: -
ignition,plugs,STATOR,relays,REGULATORS of electric current,MARKERS AND SENSORS such as: clocks, speedometers, revolution counters ... & nbsp; We put at your disposal articles from the best brands and prices on the market, such asbatteries from BS Battery, Magneti Marelli, Bosch,LIGHT BULBS of Osram ...

You can also acquire a fundamental element: theelectronic control unit. Without it the bike would not work properly. It is considered as the computer of motorcycles.

Always check that the make, model and year of your motorcycle is compatible with the item you are going to buy. In the case ofFLASHERS,HEADLIGHTS AND DRIVERS motorcycle from our online store you can choose betweenOEM or universal, valid for all motorcycles.

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€249.37€398.49Regular price-€149.12 offPrice
ELECTROSPORT cdi box for 2 cylinder models 1116892
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      ELECTROSPORT cdi box for 2 cylinder models 1116892
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