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chest heart rate monitor

A chest heart rate monitor It is a device that allows us to measure our heart rate in real time, since heart rate has become an important aspect of our daily lives, whether it is for walking, running or training.

It is a great option for those who want to measure how their sports performance is evolving. In this sense, little by little, this instrument has become an indispensable element for those who train.

The chest heart rate monitors They can be of great help and very reliable to keep track of our heart rate while moving or at rest. Monitoring these changes in heart rate provides quite valuable information to recognize how healthy our routine is and when it is a good time to train with intensity.

Thus a chest heart rate monitor It is one of the most used and most common sensors today. Basically, makes a constant electrocardiogram of our heart rhythm and, also, it can easily help detect if you have a heart condition. Take a look at the best heart rate monitors on the market!

Tips for using a heart rate monitor

For the heart rate monitor to work as expected, we must confirm that the strap is positioned correctly and snug, since if it is not placed as it should, it can cause discomfort to the person wearing it.

The correct way to wear the strap is below the chest. To check that we placed it well you can cough repeatedly and if it slips it means that it is very loose and you will have to adjust it. Once in place, it should not cause discomfort or slip.

To keep it longer and not change it as often, every time you finish using your monitor, you can rinse it with warm water and dry it with a towel to remove moisture, paying attention to its frequency sensor.

Heart rate monitor without chest strap

There are 2 different models of heart rate monitors: with or without chest strap. Those who do not have a chest band, use photoplethysmography to collect data on our heart rate, namely, They have an optical sensor.. This uses a light to measure changes in the tissues where the sensor is placed.

Thus, heart rate monitors without a chest strap have an LED display which is normally green if everything is working properly. However, although some models with a chest strap have different colored lights to identify variants, their accuracy in motion is lower than that of heart rate monitors with a chest strap.

Both types serve and are used for all kinds of physical activities as well as activities such as swimming. In the latter, they tend to be inaccurate due to the fact that the frequency measurement in water is not optimal.

The best heart rate monitors

Once we have known the types of heart rate monitors that we can find on the market, we offer you this list of the best chest heart rate monitors:

Elite frequency band

It is one of the best known bands and recommended for its low price. Also, It has Bluetooth and ANT+, so it is an excellent quality-price purchase option.

Sigma frequency tape

The strap is very comfortable and adjustable, as well as being characteristic for its great pricecision.

Heart Rate Monitor R3 Confortex + Hipclipdigital

This model has a fairly accurate measurement. It allows linking via Bluetooth and ANT+ and its band is very easy to adjust and soft. Thanks to the fact that its sensor is independent, it allows the maintenance of the chest band to be much easier.

Chest protector R1 DUO ANT+/BLUETOOTH

This band is a belt that It has Bluetooth and ANR+, so you have no connection problems.on and does not cause any discomfort when using it. It is quite easy to wash and has a battery that lasts for months, which you must change from time to time. In general, it is a model with great performance.

How to use your heart rate monitor?

The chest heart rate monitor It is made up of an elastic band covered with electrodes (sensors) that send the data to the device where it is stored. Generally, this is similar to a digital watch worn on the wrist, where our frequency appears and control of it is taken.

It is used by placing the band on the chest so that the sensors (electrodes) are directly on the skin. Thus, they can detect the beats of our heart.

The area of the sensors should be a little wet to make the reading more accurate. In addition, the band we use must be encrypted with our monitor so that if there is someone else using a band near us, there will be no interference.

Buy chest heart rate monitor online

If you have among your plans to acquire a chest heart rate monitor onlineBiketic is a fantastic option due to the variety of products it offers, the quality of the accessories and its excellent prices. In addition, it offers better comparisons that can help you choose the one that best suits your preferences.

To make the purchase of your band you must be clear about what you want to obtain from it and what activity you want to carry out, since according to your needs you must choose the band that best suits you.

Although acquiring one of these chest pulse monitors can be a large outlay of money, it is a purchase that will undoubtedly benefit your sports performance and your health.

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