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Car rearview mirrors.

Car rearview mirrors are positioned in such a way as to allow the driver to easily see traffic behind and to the sides of your car. A car mirror is designed and positioned to allow a wide range of vision, both to the rear and to the sides of the car.
Something to keep in mind is that, when referring to the rearview mirror of the car, both exterior and interior are distinguished.

Which car rearview mirror should I buy?

Although the final decision of which car mirror to buy depends on which type you feel most comfortable with, it is essential that consider how each one works before making a decision. Probably, this factor will help you to get the car rearview mirror that best suits your requirements.

Currently, the level of safety that a rear view mirror provides you is directly related to its characteristics. For that reason, deciding which one to buy is something not to be taken lightly. For that, we show you the types that exist so that you can evaluate the one that suits what you need:

- Standard mirror

These types of interior rear view mirrors for cars are designed so that the driver can clearly see what is happening through the rear window. According to international standards, the same They don''t have a raise. Nor do they have other elements that modify the driver''s experience in some way.

This car mirror must be adjusted by hand from the driver''s seat, and preferably in the position you usually use to drive. What some do not know is that it can be tilted in such a way that it makes possible considerably reduce the light reflected to the driver''s eyes, coming from the headlights of other cars, which can disturb your vision.

- Technological mirror

At first glance it looks like a traditional mirror, but the truth is that features a dual camera system that allows you to record what happens both in the rear of the car, and what happens in the front. Thus, it makes possible a better control and record of all the facts and events around you.

Also, when it''s time to park the ass car, it will start to project in high resolution a real-time image of everything in the rear, this being a very useful function to avoid accidents, since it considerably increases visibility, whether the driver has some type of difficulty that prevents him from correctly interpreting distances or because some object, animal or person appears suddenly.

What to take into account when buying your car mirrors?

There are several factors that you have to take into account if you are looking to buy a mirror for the car, which will help you make an accurate decision of the mirror that best suits your car.

Do not worry if any of these features are not familiar to you, because we will proceed to explain everything you need to know:

- Installation

The level of difficulty involved in installing the mirror depends on the model you have purchased. Therefore, when choosing one, consider that a traditional one does not require more than a few minutes to be installed. On the other hand, if you buy a technological one, you may need to go to a specialized technician to install it.

- Technology

With the purpose of improve the experience of drivers and, in turn, reduce the probability of suffering an accident, manufacturers have managed to develop various technologies that they incorporate in the mirrors to ensure the driver''s well-being in this way.

- Resistance

Car mirrors are manufactured in such a way that they offer effective performance regardless of the internal conditions of the car to which they are exposed. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the manufacturer guarantees a resistant mirror.

- Materials

Thanks to continuous technological advances, the most manufacturers have started to use high quality raw material to manufacture the best and resistant specimens on the market, thus achieving a perfect combination of functionality and attractiveness.

Tips for using the mirror

For a proper use of the mirror we give you some tips that you should take into account:

- It is advisable folding the outside rearview mirrors of the car when you leave it parked. This will allow you to preserve the integrity of the mirrors.
- Before starting the car, you must make sure the mirrors are correctly positioned, since if you adjust them while driving you lose your view of the road, which could cause an accident.
- It is important that you keep in mind that the objects reflected in the exterior rearview mirrors for cars seem to be closer than they really are.

Deals on car mirrors and more

On AUTOTIC You can get a wide variety of makes and models of mirrors, as well as other elements for your car, at offers that you will not see anywhere else. We are sure that with the extensive catalog we offer you will find what you were looking for so much, all in one place.

What brands of mirrors for cars do we have at Autotic?

At Autotic we offer you one of the best brands of mirrors for cars on the market at surprising prices: IPARLUX. It is a Spanish company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector with an extensive catalog of adaptable spare parts of the highest quality. Its mirrors are characterized by having first class finishes at affordable prices.

Repair and replacement of car mirrors

You should keep in mind that if you equip your rear view mirror with additional elements, the complexity of the entire system will increase considerably. For that reason, It is best that the replacement or repair be carried out by a specialized technical team.
If it is the case that none of the mirrors is damaged, the change will be quick and without many complications. However, in cases where a complete replacement has to be made, for example, after an accident that has completely broken the mirror, the task is complicated, since the entire system has to be replaced.

Rearview mirrors for cheap cars at the best price

If you need to buy a rear-view mirror for a car, whether it is an exterior or interior one, in AUTOTIC We offer you, in addition to original parts, equivalent parts that will work perfectly for any car model at really cheap prices, regardless of whether you drive a BMW, Audi, Seat, or any other make of car. Buy your mirrors with us and we assure you that you will receive them in a short period of time.


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