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Headlights and car pilots.

The main headlights of a car are located at the front. It is the fundamental part of the vehicle''s lighting system because with them the driver will be able to see the road in the dark or in poor visibility conditions.

These lights are forward facing and can be used in various modes: high beam, low beam and position lights. Likewise, we can find car headlights with daylight and rotating.

And it is that lights, both headlights and taillights, are extremely important for traffic safety, as they also make it possible for other drivers to see the car from a great distance.

What car headlight should I buy?

The more modern the headlight of the car, the more level of safety it will offer you thanks to better lighting.

That said, if price isn''t an issue and you''re looking for unparalleled quality and efficiency, the led headlights they are the perfect option. However, HID headlights and the halogens They are also a good proposal, at a more affordable price, and they will guide you in a
accurate on the road.

types of car headlights

Currently, you can find various types of car headlights, such as:

- Halogen headlights

These are the most common car lights out there. They have one of the oldest technologies, in addition to a simple manufacturing process, reasons why they are the cheapest What can we find.
The halogen is very similar to the traditional filament light bulb, with the particularity that inside it has a gas that allows it to increase its light capacity
Although they are the cheapest option, they have the disadvantage that They have a useful life of less than 500 hours..

- Xenon headlights

These headlights have a different function and construction. Is it so composed of electrodes that generate electricity, which heats the xenon gas which is in the vial. They use the same mechanism as a conventional fluorescent tube.
This lighting is capable of giving up to three times more light output than halogen lights, with the advantage that they use less power consumption. However, as expected, they have a somewhat more expensive price, although it must be considered that its useful life is tripled compared to halogen.

- Led lights

Initially, this technology was introduced for the car''s taillights and turn signals. LEDs are based on the union of several light diodes of a very small size compared to other alternatives.

The most notable advantages of these lights is that they have very light weight and the ability to be installed in almost any way, have extremely low consumption and also have a lifespan up to 10,000 hours.

After being turned on, they are capable of emitting a maximum light capacity almost immediately, and even have the functionality of being "adaptive lights", which reduce or increase light intensity depending on road conditions and general visibility.

- laser lights

This is the latest novelty used in lighting in cars. These lights are able to create considerably smaller optics more efficiently, because they have a 30% lower consumption compared to other alternatives.

These new car headlights can illuminate up to 600 meters away, practically double that of led car headlights. They are optics high reliability and thus long service life, even under extreme conditions where visibility is greatly reduced.

The price of these headlights is very high compared to halogen or xenon. In addition, if they fail, it is very likely that the entire lens will have to be changed, which makes them even more expensive.

What to take into account to buy your headlight or car pilot?

Choosing which car headlight to buy is not an easy task., since there is currently a wide variety of combinations of types of lights and bulbs, in addition to other aspects to take into account when buying:

- Headlight side

Although this seems basic, the reality is that many people make mistakes when determining which is the left and right side of a car. However, it is very simple: the side corresponds to what the driver of the car would see from inside. Namely,
the left side of the car is the driver''s side.

- Type of lamps

It is crucial to know what kind of bulb does our headlight use, which usually begins with the nomenclature H, H4, H1 or H7, among others. In any case, it responds to the shape of the light bulb. Headlights typically have two, which should match the manufacturer''s description.

- Background color

In certain models of headlights this is something very striking. The headlights can be black, gray, chrome or some other background. If you change both headlights there will be no problem, but you should be careful if you change only one and do not choose the correct color, since they will not match and it will not look good.

Headlight Maintenance Tips

The headlights, like any other part of the car, deteriorate and get dirty over time, especially if you do not give them proper maintenance, so we recommend:

1. Initial wash

Surely you want to start cleaning the headlights right away, but before that we recommend you wash your car very well first and then move on to the headlights.

2. insulation

Then, frame the surroundings of the lighthouse well. For that you can use painter''s tape or something that does not have an excessively strong adhesive.

3. Cleaning 

Once the previous steps have been carried out, you can clean the headlights in detail. For that you can use toothpaste, soap and soft sandpaper or special products for this purpose.

Led car headlights at the best price

If you have been wanting to buy headlights or car pilots for some time, whether they are rear or front, keep in mind that, at Autotic, we are known for offering our customers both original parts and cheaper equivalent parts, of the best quality and with the best finishes. Regardless of the brand of your car, with us you can get that headlight you are looking for so much.

What brands of car headlights and taillights do we have at Autotic?

At Autotic we have one of the most recognized and renowned brands of car headlights in Spain at surprising prices: IPARLUX. It is a Spanish company that has more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which has allowed it to design high quality products, with first class finishes and at affordable prices.

Car headlight repair and replacement

Typically, the headlight fasteners are the ones that wear out and break over time, such that the most frequent repairs consist of restoring the state of these fastening elements. Note that to repair the reflector it must first be rubbed and polished. If you want to repair the coating of the mirror, you must first remove the material from the walls of the casing and, later, apply a degreaser to it so that it can be given the new coating.

In those cases where a large part of the headlight is damaged, it is best to choose to replace it in the following way:

1. Completely remove the radiator grille, this will give easy access to the headlight.

2. Unscrew the bolts that hold the headlight on both sides.

3. Carefully remove the part that is damaged.

4. Remove the headlight from the bracket and proceed to disconnect the wires from the bulb.

5. Install a new headlight, performing the steps above, but in reverse order.

Offers in car headlights and pilots and more

On AUTOTIC You will find a wide variety of brands and models of car headlights and taillights of the best quality, as well as other types of essential elements for your vehicle at excellent prices.

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